Monday, March 7, 2011

Best PC protection: Skip scare-filled sites

Reading Reaction Journal #6 

Reference:  Husted, B. (2011, February 23). Best PC protection: Skip scare-filled sites. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved March 3, 2011, from

          In this article, the author explains an important issue about the security of the computer world. This issue is the deception of the web sites that make advertisements about this ability to cleaning the computer from viruses and different malicious software. These web sites sow terror in the hearts of users when they try to use them. The author mentions good advice about how to deal with these types of websites. Finally, he discusses the registry errors which happen frequently in personal computers. 

            There are many problems in the computer world; the most important one is how to keep your computer far away from the curious people. The users always want to improve the performance of their computer; therefore, they try different sites to fix these problems. Most of these sites are developed for commercial purposes in crooked ways and deceptively. In these websites, the first thing they say that it is free to make a scan; during this scan they move a lot of malicious software to make the user buy their products. Truly, I used these websites many times. After I finish the scan, the problem is not still in same case but also I found many new trouble stone problems. I completely agree with author in this article; I was looking for a long time to get very useful websites to fix this type of problem, but I could not find any. I think not only are the websites dangerous but also some types of anti-viruses software are.   My clue here is why there is only one anti-virus able to remove some type of virus? I think some anti-virus company produces the viruses that are removed only by their anti-virus for increase demand on their products. This article will help me to advise my friend to stay away from sites such as these. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Viruses, Spyware, and Malware: What's the Difference?

Reading Reaction Journal #5  

Reference:  Rubenking, N. (2011, February 8). Viruses, Spyware, and Malware:   What's the Difference? Pc magazine. Retrieved February 27, 2011, from,2817,2379663,00.asp

          In this article, the author explains important terms that are used every day by people. These are related to computer and internet field. For example among these terms are Virus, Worms, Trojan, Spyware, Adware and Rootkit. The author divided these terms into two groups; the first one was by the way they spread and the second one by what they do. Also, the author showed the importance of knowing the anti-viruses software and said that we should examine this software to use if it is useful or just fake.

            Everything in our new life depended on the computer and the internet. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problems that affect to our computers and that may cause malfunction or allow important data to be stolen. There are many terms used to define these problems like Virus, Worms, Trojan and Spyware. I am very interested to know the details and how they work. Many months ago, I was responsible for a computer lab in my college; during that period, I faced many problems related to how to keep maintain the computer lab in a good status while all the viruses and other problems become widespread. I read many articles and tried many kinds of software to eliminate the action of this malicious software.  In this article, the author mentioned a very clear definition for most rogues' software.   He used very simple ideas to explain the dangers of this software. Truly, I like the easy way to explain any term to spread the information to every person who needs to know about the new problems. This article helps me to be refreshed on my information and to stay in touch with the newest terms in my field.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Portable GPS 101: Understanding FM Transmitters. Retrieved February 20, 2011, from

Reading Reaction Journal #4
Reference:  sciencewrap . (2011, February 2). Portable GPS 101: Understanding FM Transmitters. Retrieved February 20, 2011, from
          In this article, the author talks about one of the newest features in a portable Global Positioning System GPS, which is the FM transmitter. The author mentions the differences between a portable GPS and a built in car GPS. He shows how it is easy to fix it on the dashboard and connect it to the lighter to get the power. An FM transmitter which is located in the portable GPS will send data to the FM audio in the car. Finally, we can use the portable GPS in many cars because it is light and it is easy to carry.

            I chose this article for many reasons such as scientific and personal reasons. This article is much related to my field, which is computer engineering. It talks about the portable GPS features and how to transmit and receive the signals between this device and the FM radio car. The author explains how to transmit the signal from the GPS in a low power and in a specific frequency to receive it with the audio car.  These details are much related with my subject. The second reason is a personal reason; I am very interested in the new technology especially which interacts with us in a real time. Real time devices -like portable GPS-are very useful in our lives. The author explains many points that the people prefer about the portable GPS; for example, it is cheap and also no different in the work, with the highest price GPS which is built in the car .In my country, we use the GPS but not too much like here in the USA because of the bad situation and the government and the police every week are blocking a new street and opening the other one. If we need to use this technology in my country, we should update the city maps every week. And also we do not have a huge data base to cover the big city like my city. This article added to my information new things about how to match the GPS with the radio car to get clear audio guide to your road. Before this article, I did not know what the differences were between the portable and built-in GPS in our car. Finally, I hope to use this technology frequently in my country as soon as possible(in the future).

Teenagers, Friends and Bad Decisions

Reading Reaction Journal # 3 

Reference: Parker-Pope,  T. (2011, February 3). Teenagers, Friends and Bad Decisions. New York Times blogs. Retrieved February 8, 2011, from
          In this article, the author shows the new study about the teenagers' behavior. This study focuses on the effect of the teenagers' friends on their decision and on their behavior when they become together. The researcher makes an experiment on three groups of people by examining their brains while playing a specific game. He checks the brain signals for all the participants while they are alone and when they are watching with their friends. After that, he compares the results in two situations; he found there is a big effect on the teenagers' decisions when they are watching with their friend; their decisions become more risky and stupid.   

               Before I read this study, I already had information about the effect of friends on the teenagers' decisions and behavior. But this study confirms this effect in a scientific way even when the adolescent not in the same room. It is very important information for the parents and all society. We should take care when we are dealing with teenagers especially when they become with their friends because they may be treated in a bad way by us. This study explains the bad behavior of the adolescents with their parents with them, particularly when the parents are trying to advise an adolescent in front of their friends.  Although I was very excited when I read this article, there are many points in this study I want to discuss it. First, I think the number of people who participated in this study was very small. Also, the researcher analyze of one specific situation. If we are looking for a perfect result in this study, we should examine a very large number of people in different ages and in many situations. Finally, the presence of friends in the lives of adolescents is not always bad; there are many adolescents who become more innovative when they stay with their friends.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What does it take to get us off the couch?

                                                                                                    Reading Reaction Journal #2
ReferenceLindell R. (2011, January 26). What does it take to get us off the couch?   For Postmedia News Retrieved January 27, 2011, from

          In this article, the author focuses on a study which shows the importance of exercise and how it affects our health. The researcher encourages people to do sport activity continually to prevent suffering from different diseases. Furthermore, she tries to explain the true meaning of exercises and to make connection between the exercises and with what people are doing in their life.  She mentioned many examples in this study to support her idea. Finally, the author put two schedules to show how people are able to arrange their responsibilities and do exercise.    

          Before I started to read this article, I thought it might be boring because it was not short. However, I began to read it and the first thing that got my attention was the title. There were many points that raised my admiration for this article. The first point was success of the author in choosing the title that makes me read this article to see what is the ways to make us far away from the medical treatment are. The other point, the author said there were not ages to stop or to start doing the sport activities to stay in a healthy body even if you are not athletic. While reading this article, I remembered when I had a backache and I was not able to sleep; so, I went to the doctor and he said you should do some exercises to reduce your pain; I executed the doctor's advice and I felt better. But I stopped doing the exercises because I felt it was an order, not like advice. I felt happy when I read "I think the word `should' should be expunged from the English language". You cannot do anything if you do not like to do it. Furthermore, the author mentioned a very important point when he talked about the time. It is a real problem which faces any person who wants to do the exercise. I got new information about the benefit of the exercises from this article and from the reading in our core book. Finally, he also said we should rearrange our life schedule to do these exercises. Therefore, I will try to manage my time to do some exercises and to protect myself from different diseases

Friday, February 4, 2011

Smarter Wi-Fi for Smartphones

Reading Reaction Journal # 1                                                

Reference:Smarter Wi-Fi for Smartphones. Retrieved January 27, 2011, from
          Today, I am so happy to do the RRJ activity during this term because it is a very beneficial idea to me. Although my subject is computer engineering and I have a background in the communication technology, I found some new information about Wi-Fi technology in this article. When I started to read this article, I forgot the time because it was so interesting to me. The author focuses on how the new smartphone includes the smarter Wi-Fi technology, I totally agree with him. This technology has become very useful exactly when the 3G network does not have good quality coverage. I use this technology a lot when I am on the campus and at Starbucks to access. But I did not use it to make a call through the AT&T operators .After I finished reading this article, I decided to try to use the Wi-Fi technology to make a call. Finally, I spend amazing time to read this purposive article and I added new information to my information about this technology.